• Upcoming Special Events

    Mark your Calendars for these future special events. Come join the fun.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. It’s once again time to pay the Annual Membership fee of $20.00. Payment entitles you to a copy of our newest Directory and access to our many Library books. Cash is great, but checks made payable to Chattanooga Bridge Center are also acceptable. We look forward to another great year of bridge in Chattanooga.

    Make plans to sign up for our next Sectional Tournament February 23-25, 2024.
    Click this link for details.

    Volunteers needed for Sectional. Click here




    UNDER 50 MP GAME held on Monday 6:30-9:00 pm

    If  you’re new to bridge, this is a wonderful opportunity to meet other players at your level. Come with a partner to enjoy this play date regardless of what kind of bridge you like to play. We are very excited to offer this opportunity to everyone who wants to meet other payers learning bridge or just looking to find like minded players. The cost is $5.00. Dan Chandler will provide a short lesson at 6:30.

    If you prefer to play from home, there’s a BBO game each Tuesday evening beginning at 7:00 pm for players with fewer than 399 master points. Contact Anne Donnovin at 423-605-2996 or Stewart Lawwill at 324-718-0791 for more information.

    Once a month on typically the third Friday, we offer a Mentor/Mentee game beginning at 12 Noon. This is an amazing opportunity to play bridge with a Mentor who will offer advice about bids and card play to help you improve your bridge game.  Contact Sandy Cervantis at 423-315-1953 and she will assign you a partner.

    There are currently quite a few players that fall into at least one of these categories. The Chattanooga Bridge Center is dedicated to offering every possible opportunity for you to come join us. This only works if the attendance merits the effort so you are strongly encouraged to participate at the level you are most comfortable.

    We look forward to seeing you more often at the Chattanooga Bridge Center.

    Mentor/Mentee Games

    The Second and Fourth Monday at 7:00 pm on BBO there is a Mentor/Mentee game.  This game is designed for Mentors to work with the Mentees in an effort to improve their bidding and playing of hands. The Mentor will work with the Mentee to create a Convention Card the Mentee is comfortable with. To play and be assigned a partner, you need to contact Anne Donnovin at 423-605-2996 or

    Mark your calendars to play in the Mentor/Mentee game at the CBC scheduled for the third Friday of each month at Noon. This is an excellent way to get help with your bridge game from a more experienced player. In these games, the Mentor will play the Convention Card used by the Mentee and help you work on anything new you’d like to add. If you would like to play in this game, you must sign up with Sandy Cervantis who will assign you a partner. You can text or call her at 423-315-1953.

Welcome to the Chattanooga Bridge Center website!

Come one – come all card players that know something about the game of Duplicate Bridge or who want to learn. This is where it happens in Chattanooga. We have Face-to-Face games and Online games that are ACBL Sanctioned so MasterPoints can be awarded. You will find on this site a Calendar that reflects the schedule for these games, special events and Lessons.

An annual Membership Fee of $20 is required. If you are a current member of the Chattanooga Bridge Center and are NOT receiving regular emails regarding announcements relative to our Club, please contact the Club Manager, Myra Reneau so she can make sure you receive all notifications. Her email is:

Specific information on periodic Bridge lessons can be found on the Lessons tab.

We offer an Ambassador program that ensures a player a partner for nearly all scheduled bridge games. For more information on how this works, choose the Partnership link.

Additional information found on this site are Game Results, MasterPoints, Board Information and Policies and pending Tournaments.

Covid Policy — Proof of Covid Vaccinations is no longer required for play at the Chattanooga Bridge Center.
For the complete Policy, click here.

We are actively seeking new players and encourage you to stop by during a scheduled game to check us out or give us a call. If no one answers, leave a message with your phone number and someone will contact you to answer any questions you might have and help make arrangements for you to join us to play a game. We’ll find you a partner if you don’t already have one.

Chattanooga Bridge Center (CBC)
1103 Dayton Boulevard
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405



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