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2 Over 1 Convention Review

To Members of the Chattanooga Bridge Club,

This summer I will be offering a series of five lessons on the 2 Over 1 Game Forcing bidding system. Lessons will take place on Wednesday mornings from 10 to 11, beginning on Wednesday May 29 and continuing to July 3, with a week off on June 26. The fee for the series is $25.00, with the entire proceeds going to the Bridge Club.

The lessons are open to players at all levels, but will be especially appropriate for newer players and those at the intermediate level (under 1,000 master points). I strongly recommend that prior to the first lesson you read up on this bidding system, and my preferred book for this level of instruction is “2 Over 1 Game Force” by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell. This book is available through Amazon for under $20, and there are several copies in our club library as well. I do not teach directly from a textbook, but if you do some reading in advance, the concepts we cover will be familiar to you and your understanding will be enhanced.

We will begin with a general overview of the 2 over 1 system, what it is designed to accomplish, why it has become popular, and the mechanics of the six possible 2 over 1 bids. Next will be a discussion of forcing bids (either game force or 1 round force), and how various forcing bids complement the 2 over 1 bids or substitute for them when a 2 over 1 bid is not available or not appropriate. Following that will be a detailed discussion of the 1 No Trump Forcing bid by Responder after Opener’s bid. This is a complicated aspect of the 2 over 1 system and requires a good understanding of the possible follow-
up bid sequences both for Opener and Responder.

To conclude the series, we will focus on what Grant and Rodwell call the Marathon auction, the principle of Fast Arrival, and the choice between game or slam. Unfortunately we won’t have time for a detailed discussion of a number of conventions that work well with the 2 over 1 system (e.g., Jacoby 2 No Trump, Splinters, Inverted Minors), but we’ll touch on each of these briefly.

I am looking forward to returning to Chattanooga after a warm winter in Florida, and hope to see many old friends and new faces at the Bridge Center on Wednesday mornings.

John Friedl

CBC Library

Cheryl Whitfield, Librarian

Library Policy

Library History

Prior to moving to Chattanooga in 2002, Cheryl Whitfield lived in three states and obtained a degree from a university in each one of those states. Learning to play duplicate bridge in Chattanooga has been perhaps the hardest “degree” to earn, she says, but that education has been well worth the time and effort and added a great deal of enjoyment during her retirement years. Initially Chattanooga Bridge Center member Sue Shramko encouraged Cheryl to try bridge at the Bridge Center. At about that same time, Betty Sue Farmer opened the Bridge Center to new players for a game on Mondays so that they could learn to play the duplicate way before taking the plunge to play in any regular duplicate game. Not long after, Michael (Mike) Sherman agreed to teach a group of four newcomers in a series of private lessons that certainly improved their play of the game. Because of the welcoming attitude and encouragement of these duplicate players, Cheryl and other new players became regular players at the Bridge Center. Cheryl’s first game at the Bridge Center was in 2005, and she hasn’t stopped playing several times a week since then. Her duties as Club Librarian began in 2008, and she has maintained the club’s library since that time, ordering and processing 600+ books on the subject of bridge. Cheryl wrote the document “Chattanooga Bridge Center Library Policies and Procedures,” which was approved by the Board of Directors on November 16, 2008. No good library is without one of these documents. In lieu of a card catalog, there is a spreadsheet in a notebook that lists the library’s holdings, and any member who is interested in finding a book on a particular subject or a book by a particular author can use this list to find books the library has in its collection. The support of the library by the Board of Directors has provided a valuable resource for all mem