Welcome to the Partnership Page!


  •  Game day your partner had to cancel.
  • Rain canceled your golf or tennis game. Now you want to play
  • None of my usual partners are available
  • Oops, I double-booked today!!
  • My partner forgot & was a no-show!!
  • A friend is visiting and wants to play but I already have a partner.


To resolve all these types of problems, the Chattanooga Bridge Club (CBC) has implemented an Ambassador program to guarantee partners on CBC play dates, whether Face-to-Face or Online. Here’s how this program works. Anyone can volunteer to be a “standby partner” or Ambassador to play with any player that shows up without a partner.
You simply contact Ann Keown by text 423-505-5178 or email annkeown1@gmail.com

The volunteer will choose one day each month to be the Ambassador. To allow time for the Ambassador and the player needing a partner to complete a Convention Card, the Ambassador should arrive 30 minutes prior to game time. The Ambassador plays for FREE! Should no one need an Ambassador on this day, the Ambassador receives a FREE play for another day.

Should two players arrive without partners, they will play with each other and the Ambassador leaves with the FREE play. Whenever used, the FREE play card must include the name of the Ambassador and the date of play. This card is given to the Director on the date used.

Ambassador’s sign up because they want to play bridge and also to “give back” to the club by helping increase attendance. So, if you plan to show up without a partner, please arrive early enough for you and the Ambassador to create a convention card. If a player arrives near play time and the Ambassador has already prepared to play with another person, the “late” player will need to go home. The only exception is if a player is at the club and their partner does not show up. Players should always come prepared with an updated Convention Card.

The Ambassador program is used by many players for many different reasons. They play an important role for the health of the CBC. If you have never served as an Ambassador, you are encouraged to do so. Whether a novice, intermediate or advanced player, the experience of getting to know someone new and the opportunity to either help or receive help with your game is a valuable experience. Each member of the CBC club should take a turn being an Ambassador.

If an Ambassador cannot play on the committed date, they will be responsible for getting a replacement. This can be any member of the CBC willing to take your place that date, whether they are already serving on another date or have never served. The only requirement is membership in CBC and being available to show up 30 minutes before game time.


Back by popular demand the on-line Mentor/Mentee Game is back in action. You will sign up to play with Anne Donnovin and using her wizardry, she will pair you with a partner. You can contact Anne at aadonnovin@bellsouth.net or 423-605-2996 and she will assign you a partner. This game is designed for Mentors to work with the Mentees in an effort to improve their bidding and playing of hands. The Mentor will work with the Mentee to create a Convention Card the Mentee is comfortable with.

Mark your calendars to play in the Mentor/Mentee game at the CBC scheduled for the third Friday of each month at Noon. This is an excellent way to get help with your bridge game from a more experienced player. In these games, the Mentor will play the Convention Card used by the Mentee and help you work on anything new you’d like to add. If you would like to play in this game, you must sign up with Sandy Cervantes who will assign you a partner. You can text or call her at 423-315-1953.



Want to play more bridge but need additional partners to find times to play?  We have created a Partnership Desk chaired by Jan Alexander as the lead and a small team to support her to help players connect with other players also looking for partners.  The team will help both Open and Limited players (including new players).  If you want to play more often, willing to help a new player or you are a new player looking for a partner, we are here to assist you. Contact Jan Alexander at janalexander@epbfi.com

We will reach out to you soon to see who wants additional partners.  We will coordinate the entire effort.  Once you inform us that you would like added partners, we will reach out to people with similar conventions, skills or interest to get the first game going.